Photo Slideshow Basic - Editor Concepts

Posted at 2016/10/19

Welcome to Pholody!

Pholody is a free online photo slideshow maker that dedicates to create vivid photo videos in simplest way. Before you start, we'd like to share some key concepts that may help to use it in more efficient manner.

  • A slideshow is always accompanied with background music. The slideshow length is always equal to music length. You need load background music before adding pictures to slideshow.
  • Pictures are first loaded to Image Queue then allocated on timeline. A picture is editable only when it is on timeline.
  • If a picture's aspect ratio does not match video's ratio. Pholody always scales the "shorter" side of picture to match video size, thus the "longer" side will get cropped. With this approach sometimes the main object of your picture may get out of screen, you need manually reposition picture in such case.
  • Pholody always tries to animate pictures in diversified style. So you can set animation options individually for each picture.
  • Pholody always tries to align animation transitions with beats of background music. For that purpose it provides automated tool to make slideshow in one click. However, depending on the device you are using and the contents you selected, the automated tool may not always produce best result. It may need some manual work to get a perfectly-synchronized slideshow. We recommend using modern browsers such as Google Chrome to enable the magic as much as possible.
  • You can split the screen to show multiple pictures concurrently. The splitting starts to take effect from selected time spot, and keeps effective until overridden by another layout pattern.

Last update: 2018/09/10