We do have a non-free option. When download as video, you can pay $2.98 to get a high quality version. However, you do not have to do it because the standard version will be good enough in most cases.
By default, slideshows are stored as html elements, which require relatively higher hardware spec, thus the replay may be slow on some mobile devices. By downloading it as a video file, you can get consistent replay experience on all devices. Meanwhile, you can post it to more popular sites such as Youtube.
Only slideshow owner could request for a download. To request for download, go to Account Manage page, find the work that you want to download, click request button near HD video or SD video field.
Usually the video can be ready within less than 5 minutes. You just need a little patience.
Click "Account" at top menu. You can sign-up with email and password, sign-in with your Google account, or create guest account with "Try as anonymous user" option.
Currently the application does not support caption editing. However there are many handy photo editing softwares that support caption. You can use them to implant captions in photos. By adding captions word by word and saving a copy at each step, you can even enable caption animation in slideshow.
If you use background music, slideshow length is always equal to music length. You can use other tools to trim audio to the length as needed. If no background music, you can set duration in "Load Music" dialog box.
iOS does not allow user to load audio from browser. In such case, you have to load online audio from web.
No. The editor resizes images automatically at uploading, and its output resolution is always no larger than 1440 x 1080. Therefore higher resolution does not help if its active portion (the portion that is shown in slideshow) has more than 1440 pixels in width or 1080 pixels in height.
On the other hand, large files dramatically slow down image load speed. We suggest to resize images to proper size before loading it.
Some mail providers refuse to receive mails from unfamiliar domains. If that is the case, you may loss our mails. You can sign-up with alternative mail provider, or use a Google account, which does not need mail verification.

For more information, see Pholody blogs with User help tag.