Photo Slideshow Tips - Set Animations

Posted at 2016/10/19

Pholody always tries to animate pictures in diversified style, so you can set animation effects individually for each picture. To set animation for a specific picture, double click it on Timeline Panel or Video Window. A dialog window will show up as below, where you can select Animation type at right side, and edit related options at left side.

photo slideshow animation options editor
In Pholody's concept, a picture always shows up with an animation effect, then keeps still on screen for a small period, then gets overlapped by next picture. You can control the timing of each phase with the following options, which are applicable to all animation effects.
  • On Screen Timing
    Defines the timing of animation start. By default, if you select a time spot and add a picture there, the animation starts from that spot.
  • Animation Length
    Defines the period of animation effect.
  • Off Screen Timing
    By default, a picture keeps on video screen until overlapped by next one, but you can alternatively specify an off screen time. After that time, the video screen will keep black until next picture starts.
Besides, each animation type has its own options, which are dynamically listed below common options. For example, with Cross Finger effect, you can select Number of fingers. With Puzzle effect, you can select Number of steps and Slide time.
Any changes on animation option will be immediately reflected to the Preview window at top-right corner of the same dialog. You can play with all options and check their slideshow effects on the fly with Preview window.

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Last update: 2018/10/19