Photo Slideshow Tips - Load Pictures

Posted at 2016/10/19

You need load pictures to project before adding them to slideshow. To load pictures, click Load Picture button in main button area, a dialog box will show up as below.

load pictures dialog box of photo slideshow editor

You can load pictures from either local files, or online albums such as Google Photos and Facebook.

1. Load local files

To load local files, click the folder icon at left. The window to show up depends on the OS that you are using.

On windows, you are likely to get a dialog box as below.

File picker on windows

You can load one file simply by double-clicking it. Alternatively, if want to load multiple files at one time, you can click and hold left mouse button on some blank area among file icons, then drag over files to select them, then click OK button.

  • For more tips about selecting multiple files on Windows, check this page.


On iOS, you can simply tap on pictures one by one, then load all selected pictures by tapping the Done button.

File picker on iOS


On Android, only with latest Chrome you can pick multiple local files at one time. If you have trouble in selecting multiple files, try to update your Chrome browser.

2. Load from Google Photos

Click the Google Photos logo in the middle. A confirm message will show up as below.

Confirm message for Google login

If you say OK, a new window will pop-up, asking for your permission to let Pholody access your photos.

Google authentication screen capture

If you say OK again, the window will close itself and return to slideshow editor. With your permission Pholody retrieves album list from Google, and brings up a dialog window to let you select one of them.

Google Photos album list example


Once selected, all pictures in album will be loaded to Image Queue.

  • For more details about using Google Photos, check this blog.


3. Load from Facebook Album

Loading pictures from Facebook is very similar with Google Photos, except that the authorization screen will be a little different.


After selecting files (or album), a progress bar will show up as below

loading picture progress bar of photo slideshow editor


  • You can load up to 100 pictures for one project, either in one or multiple batches. If your albums has more pictures than the limit, the load process will stop when it reaches limit.
  • The time needed to load a picture depends on picture size, as well as network bandwidth in the case of online albums. Pholody will automatically resize pictures to fit slideshow video resolution (Namely 1440 x 1080 in largest case). So using huge pictures does not do anything good but keep you waiting longer. It is best practice to resize MEGA pictures to appropriate size before loading them.

Loaded pictures will be listed in Image Queue at the bottom of editor. A counter at the very bottom shows the number of loaded pictures, as well as number of employed pictures.

image queue of photo slideshow editor

To delete a loaded picture from Image Queue, select it then click the red-cross icon that shows up at its top-right corner.

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

Last update: 2018/11/17