Photo Slideshow Tips - Manage Picture Layout

Posted at 2018/03/31

When you open Pholody's photo slideshow editor, by default, the Video Window is one whole piece, so you can only have one picture on screen at a particular time spot. However, you can optionally split it into multiple cells, then let a picture take one cell other than the whole screen. By doing this you can make a photo collage, or choose a different aspect ratio for a picture if you don’t want it to be trimmed.

This can be achieved by adding Layout Points on timeline. This blog explains how to add such points.

When double-click on any blank area in Timeline Panel, if the clicked time spot does not fall into animating zone of any allocated pictures, the Video Window will be highlighted, and you can see a layout option icon icon showing up at the upper-right corner of Video Window. By clicking the icon, you can bring out the Set Picture Layout dialog box, which lists up all available layout patterns, like something below.

Set Picture Layout Option Dialog Box

If you select a pattern other than the first one (which is the default layout), the Video Window will be split into several small cells, and the first cell will be automatically highlighted. You can then add and edit pictures in that cell, as the following picture shows.

Edit picture in cell

Obviously, you can also select other cells and add pictures for them. Then you can make a photo collage like below.

Photo collage made with photo slideshow maker

The new layout begins to take effect from the time spot where you added the Layout Point, and lose its dominance when you add another one at somewhere after that spot. The following figure illustrates the concept.

photo slideshow layout management concept

Below is an example that extensively used layout options to create dynamic photo slideshow. Try to play it and see the excitement.smiley

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

Happy photo slideshow!

Last update: 2018/10/19