Make Photo Video Online with Pictures from Google Photos

Posted at 2018/11/17

We are proud to announce that Pholody will be one of the few web applications that support Google Photos' new API shortly after it moves out of developer preview phase.

Now you can make photo videos with pictures from Google Photos, with even more comfortable experience than using local files. It is also easier than the old Picasa Web Albums Data API, which was supported by Pholody but now replaced by new Google Photos Library API. For more details about loading pictures for photo slideshow, please check this blog.

In short, you need give Pholody permission to view your Google Photos library at the first time to use the Load from Google Photos option, then you can select album from the list and load all pictures in that album.

The prompt that asks for permission only shows up at the first time. After that, as long as you keep signed in Google, it won't bother you again. If you changed your idea so that want to revoke the permission, you can check the list of Apps with access to your account at Google, and remove Pholody from the list.

If you found anything wrong, please feel free to leave a message here. We will fix it as soon as possible.

Last update: 2018/11/17