Convert Photo Slideshow to MP4 Video

Posted at 2016/10/19

Pholody provides unique service to convert photo slideshows to mp4 video files. A video file has several advantages compared to online player.

  • MP4 video is almost playable on any modern devices, even on those that have no web browser or internet connection.
  • Video file has guaranteed frame rate. So you will get consistent replay experience across all devices. In contrast, online player is powered by browser's JavaScript engine, which works in best-effort manner, thus may be slow on some mobile devices.
  • You can post video files to more popular online video sites such as YouTube.

To convert a photo slideshow to video file, you need publish it first. After publish, go to account manage page, you will see your photo slideshows listed there. Below the cover image of each slideshow, there are two Request buttons, annotated with "HD video" and "SD video" respectively.

Photo slideshow work list in account manage page

The pixels of HD video if about 4x of SD video. Available resolutions for different aspect ratios are listed below.

Ratio HD video SD video
4:3 1440 x 1080 720 x 540
3:2 1440 x 960 720 x 480
16:9 1440 x 810 720 x 404

Taking the slideshow showed above for example, if you click request button near HD video, you will get a confirm page like below.

Confirm page on converting photo slideshow to mp4 video

In this page, you can optionally choose to prepend slideshow title and description as title sequence at the beginning of video.

You can also choose to pay small money to remove the watermark text from video. The expense is $2.98 for HD video and $1.18 for SD video.

  • The watermark removal is the only non-free option in all Pholody services. It acts as the main funding to keep the service running.

After confirmed all items, click OK button to submit the request. If succeeded, you will automatically back to account manage page.

  • If chose to remove the watermark, you will be directed to PayPal's site to finish the payment, then back to Pholody. You can cancel the payment if changed your idea before pushing the pay button.


Update on 2017/06/01:

Now you have alternative option to remove watermark for free by collecting likes from Facebook.

Depending on the busyness of Pholody server, it may take up to several hours to get the video ready. When ready, you will get an email notification as below.

Email notification on video ready for download

Update on 2017/12/08:

If your slideshow uses online audio sources, make sure it is always publicly accessible, but not a temporary download link. Otherwise the request may fail.

  • The notification mail comes from Make sure your mail service provider won't reject mails from that address.

Go to account manage page again, you will find a download link aside the HD video or SD video text. The link also shows the size of video file to be downloaded. As noted in email, the link is only valid for 5 days. You need download it as soon as possible.

Link showing a video file is ready for download

So just click the link and enjoy the video smiley

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

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