Photo Slideshow Tips - Publish It!

Posted at 2016/10/19

You need upload your slideshow work to Pholody server before sharing it online with friends or converting to video. The hosting service is free for all. To upload a work, click Publish button at Project Manage area. A dialog box will show up as below.

Dialog box to publish a photo slideshow work

Regardless of the literal meaning of Publish, you can freely control who can see your work by specifying the Privacy Level option. Pholody provides 3 options for privacy control, and you can change it even after it goes online.

  • Public
    Your work will show up at search result page if others do casual search on Pholody. It will also show up in Featured Slideshows list if it is thought to be a serious work.
  • Anybody who knows the link
    Your work will never show up in search results or Featured Slideshows list, but anybody who knows the link can visit it.
  • Private
    Only you can see the work (after logged-in)
  • The seriousness of a photo slideshow is automatically judged by robot. A photo slideshow is more likely thought to be serious if it gives comfortable experience to the audience.

Every photo slideshow will have a Cover Image, which acts as the source image of thumbnail when showed in list. You can select an alternative Cover Image by clicking the triangle icon at the right side of default Cover Image, as showed below.

Dialog box to publish photo slideshow, with cover image selection box enabled


You can also change the Title and Description, which can be optionally prepended as title sequence if you convert photo slideshow to mp4 video. Pholody dynamically adjusts text layout according to your input. The window at bottom-right gives an instant preview on how the text looks like as title sequence. Try to write something


After fixed all options, click the OK button, then Pholody will begin to upload all contents to server. The uploading may take up to several minutes depending on your bandwidth. After finished, a message box will show up as below.

Photo slideshow publish done message box

From this moment, the photo slideshow is ready to be accessed online. You can immediately share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+, or view its effect by clicking "Go to play page" link. At the play page, you can find download as video button, which is a shortcut to convert photo slideshow to mp4 video.

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

Last update: 2018/10/19