Best Practices to Make High Quality Photo Slideshow

Posted at 2017/05/22

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Photo slideshow is a great tool to share important moments with family and friends. So it deserves you pay more time. Go through the following tips to make high quality heart-touching photo slideshows with Pholody's free online editor.

1. Set appropriate duration for each picture

If one photo stays on screen too long, user will feel boring. On the other hand, if photos keep changing at very high frequency, none of them will catch user's eye. It is best practice to have each picture stay on screen between 4 to 10 seconds. So if you have an audio of 2 minutes, you may need 12~30 pictures for the whole slideshow.

2. Use high quality pictures

Pholody supports high quality output with resolution up to 1440 x 1080, but it makes sense only if your photos have equal or higher resolution.
In nowadays, most cameras produce pictures with much higher resolution, so it is not a problem if you copy pictures directly from cameras or smart phones. However, you should pay attention when pulling pictures from online albums. Most online storage services silently resize photos when serving them. Some services provide different resolutions (as well as image quality) depending on user request. Try to find the best solution for you.

3. Reposition pictures

Repositioning picture is particularly important for Pholody because of its fit-shorter-side approach. Without reposition some pictures may look like the left side in the screenshots shown below. In this case, you need drag the picture to reposition it. The best position may be somewhere as shown on right side.

improperly positioned picture and reposition

4. Try to tell a story

Simply dumping all photos on timeline does not make a good slideshow. You need arrange them to make it a story. The most effective (but not simplest) way is to select some music that matches your mood best, and align all animation transitions with beats of music. Below is an excellent example regarding how to make photos a story.


5. Use your most powerful device

Pholody has many unique features that help to make impressive photo slideshows, but some of them works only if your device is powerful enough. For example

  • It has simple face detection function that automatically adjusts photo positions to make sure faces won't be out of screen, but this is enabled only if your device is fast enough.
  • It can parse music wave while playing, and identify positions of beats on timeline, but the accuracy drops if your device is not powerfull enough.

So if you have multiple devices, always use the most powerful one. Besides, to make full use of Pholody features, desktop environment is always preferable to mobile devices, and Chrome preferable to other browsers.

6. Make preview before publishing

You should always check the quality with your own eye before publishing photo slideshow. Make essential modifications if you are not satisfied with any single frame. Don't push the publish button until everything is perfect. If a slideshow doesn't amaze yourself, it won't amaze others.

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

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