Collect Shares to Remove Watermark From Downloaded Video-100-backup

Posted at 2018/10/19

Hundreds of facebook likes

Big news! Now you can download watermark-free video for free by collecting 10 Shares from Facebook. You don't need pay one single cent for it. So what? YES! Shares is moneywink

The task is simple. Just share your photo slideshow work on Facebook and invite your friends to watch it. If they like it, they will facebook share button it.

When it reached target number, you can check the "I have collected 10 Shares and want to remove watermark for free" option when requesting video download. Below is a screenshot to show how it looks like.

Request video download page screenshot

Note that the counter beside facebook share button button is an aggregation of all shares, likes, and comments for the same URL. The actual number of shares may be less that it shows. In that case, you may see some error page like below.

Not enough share error message

We don't recommend you simply call for "push the share button for me". Instead we hope you touch their heart with impressive stories. And it is quite easy to do that with Pholody. Check this post to find tips on making high quality photo slideshows.

This is a campaign and we reserve the right to change conditions or terminate it at any time without prior notice.

Enjoy it!