Photo Slideshow Tips - Save & Load Projects

Posted at 2016/10/19

When you open Pholody's online slideshow editor, you start a project. You can save the project to file or browser cache, then load it at any time. This blog introduces tips of save and load.

1. Save Project

To save a project, click Save button in Project Manage area. A dialog box will show up as below.

Photo slideshow editor, save to file dialog box


By default, the project is saved as *.phd file. Note that the saved file is not playable slideshow, but a snapshot of editor state. To make playable photo slideshow, you need publish the work.

  • "Save to file" option is not available on iOS devices, because they don't have user-accessible file system.


You can alternatively save project to browser cache by unchecking "Save to file" option. In that case the dialog box will change its messages as below.

Photo slideshow editor, save to cache dialog box


Saving to cache can be more convenient if you keep saving and loading without closing browser. However there are several import things listed in the dialog box. It makes sense to repost them here because people trend to neglect it.

  • Data will vanish if you clear browser cache.
  • If your project employs audio or images from local files, next time you need load them into editor before loading the same project.
  • Saved data is visible to anybody who uses the same device. Delete project after finished if you are using a shared device.

The second item comes from limitation of available cache size. Therefore, it does not save media files themselves (which can be too big to fit in), instead it saves a low-resolution thumbnail for each image. So when open the same project next time, you need manually load files if they are not in Image Queue.

If you forget to load a source image file before loading project, the low-resolution thumbnail will be showed instead, which has a huge question mark at center, and a message saying "File not loaded" at top-left corner. Below is an example for missed source file.

A photo slideshow picture with missed source file


You can load questioned images even after project loading. Once loaded, the question mark will disappear, and the thumbnail will turn into vivid high-resolution picture.

  • Images loaded from online albums do not have such constraints. We save URL for each media resource and automatically fetch them when reloading project.
  • "Save to file" option does not have such constraints. All stuffs will be saved in one single *.phd file.


2. Load Project

To load a project, click the Load button in Project Manage area, a dialog box will show up as below.

Load photo slideshow project dialog

If you saved project as file, load it by clicking the "Load from local file" link. If you saved project in cache, simply select it from the drop down list.

For projects saved in cache, you can remove them by clicking the trash icon beside drop down list.

For any question or advice, please feel free to leave a message here.

Last update: 2020/03/09