5 Reasons to Use Online Photo Slideshow Maker

Posted at 2018/08/07

Online tool is a trend started as early as the birth of www. In nowadays you can use online tools to edit photos, trim music, make presentations, and many other tasks. There is even PC that runs all tasks in browser!

Specifically, unless you are professional creator, you are not likely to make slideshows every day. You may only come up with such idea when there is a birthday, a farewell party, or some other big event that happens once or twice a year. In such case, an online photo slideshow maker is absolutely the best choice for you. Here we share several reasons that support this conclusion.


phone storage full

1. Zero estate

Online tools run in browser. The resources it takes are released as soon as the browser is closed. Thus you don’t have to worry about the storage of phone.


update counter on app store icon

2. Always updated

If you feel uneasy about small numbers at the corner of app store icon, online tools should fit you more than others. You are guaranteed to get the latest version every time you open the browser, but don’t have to run update from time to time, which may prompt you with “not enough storage” in the end.


PC tablet and phones together

3. Cross-device experience

Online tools can run on any device that has browser, and provide almost identical user experience. If you get yourself used to Pholody on PC, you will find it very easy to start another work on tablets or phones. So you can start a slideshow work at office, save to some cloud storage, then continue the work with phone when moving on the way, and furtherly continue it with tablets at home. Note that in most cases you don't have to do such long rally, because you can simply finish a slideshow work in 3 steps.


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4. Born for share

If you make a photo slideshow, you may want to share it with others. Online tools are born for such purpose. As soon as it is finished, it is ready for share. In the case of Pholody, we provide options to share on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. If you want more, just feel free to tell us.


Apps to steal personal information from phone

5. Guaranteed security

Last but not the least, an application running in browser has much less risk to harm your device. Modern browsers have many smart designs to guarantee security. Web applications are strictly isolated from information that they are not supposed to access. So you won't unintentionally leak your contact list just to make a photo slideshow.


They are many well designed online slideshow makers on the web. Each of them has unique features to gather their own audience. Among them, Pholody focuses on purity of photos. We use every pixel to show your photos, so there is no annotations, no twinkling stars. We believe the photo itself tells the story best. If you believe so, just have a try.

Last update: 2018/10/19