Introduction to Online Photo Editor: the Best 3 Options

Posted at 2019/07/07

As stated in the landing page, Pholody is simply an online tool to make the best photo slideshow. More precisely, it does nothing more than making slideshow. That is one of the secrets that make Pholody light and fast. To use Pholody in most efficient way, you need make your photos ready before loading them to slideshow editor. You may want to lighten dark photos, remove red eyes, or add cute bunny ears on grandpa's face. Actually there are many handy online photo editors for such tasks. Here we introduce some of them for your reference.

The Canvas Prints Photo Editor

This editing tool is one of the easiest-to-use photo editors you will ever find. The Canvas Prints is a service for printing high-quality images on canvas and they also provide a great free photo editor for any application.

Canvas prints photo editor main menu

When you take a look at the top main menu bar, you will see that the photo editor lets you do a lot with your photos in just one click. You can resize, crop, transform, and apply filters. You can also add a fun drawing, descriptive text, different shapes, stickers, and frames.

Canvas prints photo editor add shape menu
You can turn your image into an amazing work of art in just a few clicks. The editor lets you add creative shapes to your images too. It’s a great application for turning your pictures into wonderful infographics.

Canvas prints photo editor round corner options
You can also add rounded corners to your images to get a unique look and merge a bunch of pictures together if it’s required.


PicMonkey is a creative, versatile online photo editor that’s completely free and easy to use. The interface is straightforward, so you can carry out any editing process quickly and conveniently.

PicMonkey editor picture selection menu
When you open the editor from the PicMonkey website, you’re taken to the main editor menu. The menu lets you upload your own pictures to edit, or you can choose from the featured templates for graphic design. PicMonkey also has a wide range of layouts you can choose from depending on the size you need for your graphics.

PicMonkey editor main menu
Once you’ve uploaded your photo, the PicMonkey editor launches and there’s a menu on the left for all your editing requirements. You can crop, resize, rotate, and adjust the background color of your photo.
PicMonkey unique effects menu
The PicMonkey editor also features some interesting effects that you can apply to your photo and enhance it in just a click.
PicMonkey photo editor add texture menu
The editor also gives you the option to add text, graphics, frames, and textures to your image.


BeFunky is a creative tool that’s readily available through their website. When you open the site, click on Get Started to open the editing tools.

BeFunky function selection page
You can choose whether you’d like to edit a photo, create a collage, or create a design. For this example, we’ll be using the Edit a Photo option.
Befunky open photo page
When you open the photo editor, from the upper right menu, you can upload an image from the computer or social media.
Befunky photo editor main menu
Once you’ve uploaded your image, choose which editing tool you’d like to use from the main left side menu. You can edit and enhance the photo, do touch-ups, add regular and artsy effects, add frames, graphics, textures, overlays, and text.
Befunky one-click effect menu
BeFunky features some beautiful one-click effects for your photos as well. Using them wisely, you can turn your photos into art.

Sometimes it may be essential to polish up your pictures before making them into a photo slideshow. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Pholody leaves such jobs to more professional photo editor tools. Online tool is a great option for simple photo editing tasks. The tools introduced here is just a small collection of vastly available options. If you have a better choice, feel free to inform us via the contact form.